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Stop in to try some of our made fresh daily eats! 

Have dietary restrictions? 

No Problem! 

Just let your server know and we will make sure your order is taken care of! 

Locally Sourced Vegan Options

Located in the heart of Wisconsin, Downtown Stevens Point. Proudly serving all vegan food all the time. We make every order fresh and custom just for you.


Food allergy? No problem we can assure you a safe meal here. Everything is labeled gluten free, nut free and soy free on our menu. The servers and cooks are all knowledgeable and can help guide you in the ordering process. 

Vegan comfort food at its best. Made with organic and local ingredients when ever possible. 

Come get your Wickedly amazing food today! 

Tell the World

Make your meal your own

We understand that everyone has different tastes. If you would like to add or remove ingredients to a dish, we love to customize! 

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